DataCenter & Cloud Services (IoT)

As organizations are expanding, they face challenges affecting particularly the technology department, for maintaining an operational platform in this environment of constant change is one of the obstacles that the company must overcome efficiently to be successful.

For this, it is necessary that the IT department is oriented to add value to the business through intensive use of Information Technology and not worried about the maintenance and support of equipment and systems.

The ultimate goal of our field service is to improve the efficiency of its processes, helping to improve the productivity of users and IT control over their equipment, which ultimately translates into added value for your business.

Let us ask you something …

• Are you really giving proper use to your perimeter information security devices?
• Is your information really safe?
• Do your computers have secure internet access?
• Do you have plans to recover information in the event of a disaster?
• Do you have control of your environment through security cameras no matter where in the world you are?

If you hesitate in any response, you can not hesitate to contact us.

Soporte en Infraestructura TI

It seems interesting to save energy by optimizing resources and spaces. And in turn centralize your technology platform in a manageable environment in a friendly way?

Then you should know that virtualization is creating multiple technological resources using a real one. Successful implementation of virtualization solutions in an organization’s IT infrastructure can have many benefits among which I can mention:

• Reduce investment in hardware
• Increased utilization of computing resources
• Improved facility in resource management, lower cost of administration
• Reduce energy and storage costs
• Recovery of operations in case of disasters
• Less physical space is required
• More stable production environments
• Facilitates testing environment

InteligenTIC has experts who can help you exploit the benefits of virtualization solutions. We use technology from Microsoft and VMware, leading providers of virtualization solutions.


Add cloud to your datacenter with an easy-to-deploy integrated system…

The Cloud Platform System portfolio of integrated systems provides an Azure-consistent cloud-in-a-box for your virtualized Windows and Linux workloads, accelerating your journey to cloud with a factory-integrated solution. Cloud Platform System combines Microsoft’s proven software stack of Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, and Windows Azure Pack, with server, storage, and networking hardware from industry leading vendors. Cloud Platform System improves your time-to-value and enables a consistent cloud experience, allowing you to scale from as small as three nodes with Cloud Platform System Standard to up to 128 with Cloud Platform System Premium, depending on your needs.

With its software-defined architecture, factory integration and simplified order process, Cloud Platform System accelerates your journey to your hybrid cloud. Cloud Platform System delivers a self-service, multi-tenant cloud environment for Windows and Linux applications that provides optimized deployment packs—both for applications like Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange, as well as remote desktops/desktop virtualization.

Spend smarter: Cloud Platform System lowers costs at all stages of the infrastructure life-cycle. The software-defined architecture is validated and integrated at the factory, decreasing risk and complexity, while accelerating deployment time from months to days. Single-point-of-contact support simplifies issue resolution and reduces the risk of outages

Azure-consistent cloud experience: Cloud Platform System has been architected for agility and resiliency based on the experience gained from Azure. Cloud Platform System offers consistent public, private, and hybrid cloud experiences for maximum flexibility.

Simplify everything: Cloud Platform System enables faster time-to-value by reducing overhead, accelerating problem resolution, and standardizing the infrastructure to free up IT resources to focus on innovation. Cloud Platform System empowers infrastructure users through self-service, while enabling data governance, geo sovereignty, and regulatory compliance.