We must stay together and help us!

iCollab is Inteligentic’s proposal to unite humanity, collaborating in people’s projects with our knowledge in our specialties. We must stay united and help each other!


A portion of profits are used to help the planet

Supplier or customer

You can provide or request services to the rest of the community

Invite your clients

They can enjoy the services of the community by acquiring iCollab coin

Increase your profit

Avoiding transfer fees or payments through the single payment of the Crypto iCollab

Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

Make your business or project grow with the help of others, and also help others to fulfill their dreams! You know how important it is because you have them too!

Exchange professional digital services through our platform and using our crypto iCollab as a payment method.

iCollab avoids putting providers at a disadvantage due to their geographical location.

We can all help each other, we are all worth it!


Helps the community

Mining our currency yourself and receive rewards and be one of the founders of this platform that will change the way we help each other regardless of distances.