Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Goes beyond simply being external technical support. It works as a strategic partner that manages and optimizes a company’s technological infrastructure. This proactive approach involves anticipating potential problems, maintaining secure and up-to-date systems, and providing ongoing advice to improve operational efficiency. By adopting a monthly subscription model, customers not only get 24/7 technical support, but also predictable cost control and a strong technology foundation that drives their long-term success.

Indicators that you need an MSP

Advantages of MSP

Our services on MSP


From antivirus to 24/7 monitoring and threat detection.

Backup and Recovery

Restoring data in cases of disaster or ransomware.

Software Licenses

Including Office365 for productivity and collaboration.

Network Management

Maintaining systems online and running

Cloud Computing Solutions

Money-saving alternatives compared to physical hardware.

Audits and Evaluations

They understand the IT situation before making strategic decisions.

Because security comes first
Inteligentic becomes a Bitdefender partner

Bitdefender provides cybersecurity solutions with leading security efficacy, performance and ease of use to small and medium businesses, mid-market enterprises and consumers. Guided by a vision to be the world’s most trusted cybersecurity solutions provider, Bitdefender is committed to defending organizations and individuals around the globe against cyberattacks to transform and improve their digital experience.

Inteligentic's MSP in numbers


More than 20 years of experience


Management of more than 100 servers & service to more than 2,000 users


Management of more than 1,000 tickets annually

Methodologies and Expert Professionals:

• SCRUM and ITIL for technological development and practices.
• Experts in technologies such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Bitdefender, and more.

Service levels


Collection, classification and resolution of incidents.


Constant monitoring to minimize incidents.


Periodic reviews to keep systems in perfect condition.


Advice for continuous improvement.